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“Let’s Play Spin the Bottle…”

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Have you ever played spin the bottle?  It’s the game young Generation X’ers participated in to make out with random acquaintances.  The concept is simple.  Spin the bottle.  It lands on a person of the opposite sex, then the two of you spend anywhere between five to 10 minutes in a dark room.  What happens in that room is between the two persons playing.  Kissing?  Sure.  Fondling?  Maybe.  No one knew but those two individuals in the room.

Spin the bottle is a game of chance.  That game is the one single people play every time they encounter a first date.  You’ve spun the bottle.  You’ve chosen the person by spinning the bottle – The metaphoric way of chance.  When you choose a person based on looks, you’ve spun the bottle.  If you like his/her personality, you’ve spun the bottle.  If that smile throws you head over heels, that bottle was going around in circles on the floor and stopped…

The question is what do you do once you’ve spun the proverbial bottle.  How do you proceed?  This question shares the same connotation of how far do you go on that first date?  The male species fools you into believing that sex on the first date is perfectly acceptable and can lead to a thriving, meaningful relationship.  Some tell you to not believe the hype.  Who do you believe?  The man looking for a quick score or the man looking for meaningful relationships.  I’m told they can be one in the same.  I think we all can agree the subject has been discussed ad nauseam.    It will continue to be discussed because of the very public nature sexual relations has become over the decades due to social networking, reality television, and even YouTube.

Spin the bottle was a game of chance and secrecy.  The secrecy usually stayed between the two parties unless you were the unlucky one who got the egomaniac determined to make a reputation for him/herself. So I ask another question, “what happened to the secrecy?”  How can people have any kind of meaningful anything when is it broadcast all over Facebook, Twitter, and any other iNetworking site?  My coworker says it is no point in trying to hold out because p**** is everywhere: Internet…the grocery store.  It’s so accessible nowadays there are even ads on Craigslist for a good time.  There are ads for people with certain fetishes, e.g. anonymous sex in a movie theater.

Is there no discretion?  The sacred union between two people has been downgraded from the utmost respected position to just another animalistic act of mammals.  As a member of Generation X, my view of the physical act of sex has been tainted by my own personal experiences and views but at one point in life was that of beauty…a sacred personal connection with another human being.

My question to you is should sex be a factor when  “playing Spin the bottle” or should it have stayed taboo?

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