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Things were going well… we have been long time associates, so there was no need for the awkward “getting to know you” first date questions.  Yes, we had some catching up to do, but the conversation was fluid… like we were old dear friends. Yes he threw back a few, but he did not appear to be buzzed… so imagine my surprise when the night ended and he hands me his keys saying, “Here, you need to drive.”

So, if I take him home, how I am going to get home… because you guessed it, I was not spending the night with him.  So we get in the car and I call my sister letting her know the dilemma and that I will need her to meet me and take me home.  He seems to be annoyed by this, and kept asking, “Why did you call your sister?”  “Back up” was my response.  So as we get on the highway he announces, “I have to use the restroom.”  So now I’m looking around thinking of the nearest gas station or eatery…

“I’ll pull over in a second, are you going to be good?”

“Yeah, I can make it to your house.”

“My house, then you must not really have to use it that bad… and you don’t seem too drunk either.”

“Not really, I’m fine, I could have drove… but I knew you wouldn’t leave me hanging if I told you I needed you to take me home, and I figured why not try to get to your place… better chance.”

This sneaky low down dirty…

At this point, I decide to call my sister to let her know there was no need for her to come to my aid… I was going to drive myself home and let him make it however… wherever he was headed from there.

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