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Define Dating

I took to Facebook and asked my “friends” to define dating.  Here are the responses I received… the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Something necessary to find a mate but also something that is over-rated.

Collecting data

A way to spend money on someone who really doesn’t deserve anything more than a hello.

A way to determine what kind of person is good for you and what kind of person you are good for……….hopefully this will not take too long for any one person.

No definition… Un-definable… It’s the most over used and pointless phrase ever used to define the state of a relationship. Technically you could be “dating” multiple people. What’s the point!!

I think dating is awesome! You get to know someone with the potential of them becoming a serious mate after seeing if he/she is what you may want. You won’t know if you want a relationship if you don’t date. Now, with that said… is hard….too many damn rules.

As I always say. The only thing I will date is a check!

Dating… attempting to get to know someone better by trying to be what you think they want you to be or acting like you think they want you to act! Love… being who you truly are because you like you! Being Loved…Being accepted by another person because you are who you are and being you is more than just enough!

I could talk about dating forever….the good and the bull that comes along with it… gets on my nerves but it is a means to some type of end….key phrase “some type of end”

And the one response from a married person:  We’re still dating!  *GRINNIN REAL BIGGG*

It seems that we often want to assume exclusiveness with dating, but would exclusive not mean commitment?  And when do you become a committed couple vs. two people that are working to get to know each other?  My friends now that I am not one to date.  I actually do not like the concept.  I prefer to make friends, and then if something blooms, blossoms, or what have you, we can take it from there.  I think dating with the hope of getting to know someone for the purpose of making a love connection is artificial….often leading us to force the issue trying to make something of nothing.  If you have a friendship you at least have a real foundation.  Dating is truly trial and error, and often you are meeting someone’s representative.

Now, with all this being said, I do feel that it is important to truly take the time to get to know someone… beyond the romance, beyond the chemistry, beyond the “dating”.    So hopefully when we do find THAT someone, we will be like that one married respondent… happy and still in love.

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