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Self reflection…

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to me is necessary for self improvement.

How does one ever get better if they do not take a look inward and “check” themselves?

On this day,  September 11, 2012; I ask us to pause for a moment and think about what is really important…what truly matters most to you?

So many of us have put the needs of “others” on the back burner for our own selfish desires…

We put off relationships to chase the “American Dream”…but would good is a dream without someone to share it with?

In times of tragedy it is instinctive to draw closer to those around you, bond with those you love, showing them how much you need and appreciate them…

But once we are back to business as usual, it’s so easy to take others for granted.

Today, let’s not take each other for granted.

Make sure you let others now exactly how you feel…express your love and gratitude…

If you love someone let it be known!

It is my belief that you get out of life, only what you put into it…

Live with no regrets.

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