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For the Fellas: What Happened to the “Cool Chick?”

You know you miss her.  The girl that you met just by coinkydynk, and she was so “cool.”  Tell her everything and anything, go anywhere and everywhere, down for whatever…cool.  You couldn’t have asked for a better girl in your life.

But then it happened…

Things that used to be so “cool,” suddenly became topics of discussion and then the simple became hard.


This was not in the plan.  Reminds me a lot of the movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”  On their first date she was a jewel, by the third date, I think he thought she was the one, and then it all went awry.  Now the difference is that she planned all of this extreme behavior to prove a point–that she could lose a guy in 10 days (DUH!).  But, your “cool chick,” didn’t plan anything.

No, woman does.

Sometimes we just fall off…I’m lying.

What many of you fellas fail to realize that is that the reason why she was so  cool was because you made it okay to be cool.  You answered her texts, you talked to her on the phone.  You both laughed at silly jokes, and sillier things…the possibilities seemed endless.

But, then she changed, right?

Actually, you changed first.  Now, I will not say what exactly it was that you changed, but you took a little bit of security away from your cool chick, and it leaves her in the position to one of two things:

  • One thing: Be cool with you, but feel stupid with herself.
  • Two thing: Let you know exactly what YOU did that wasn’t cool.

Most girls will pick the “two thing.”  Why? Because you have now dredged up baggage and familiar situations.  Now, instead of seeing you as the nice, neat NEW guy, you now remind her of the jerks that came before you.

I bet you never thought of that.

But, even though she’s had a moment (or a few moments) the cool chick is still in there, and better yet…you can get her back.


Glad you asked.

First: Let’s calm down. Things have gotten way too out of hand, and if you both can slow it down a bit, then you’ll both get the perspective that you started to lack.  Then you will probably realize that you still really like each other, and that you should give this another shot.

Second: Be the nice, neat, NEW guy.  Answer texts, call, and just get back to what was fun.

Third: Sit back and watch the transformation.  You will be amazed at what you can do (or get away with) once things are back in balance.  While you had valid reasons for missing calls, and perhaps even not returning texts or emails…you had no idea the consequences of those actions.  And, by consequences, I mean that your “cool chick” went away.

That’s not an entirely accurate statement.

However, just as I said before…if she was cool before, she can be cool again–and stay that way.

So, to answer the question, “what happened to the cool chick,”  the answer is nothing.  She’s still there, and she misses you, the nice, neat, NEW guy, just as much as you miss her, the cool chick.

In fact, stop reading this article and go get your cool chick back!  Trust me, she’s been waiting for you…

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