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boissuq replay |Red Flag – Moving too fast.

Moving too fast.  Everyone has met the guy that tries to lock you down in the first five    minutes of a conversation.  He wants to know if you are ready to be married and do you want to have children, all the while, you are staring at your Caramel Macchiato or glass of Moscato thinking, “dude, we just met.”

Gyrls, do not think that you are immune to this epidemic…

You too, have tried to make him the boyfriend…asking questions such as “where do I stand?” , “where does he see this going”, and let us not forget the classic, “am I your type?”

Now, do not get me wrong, all of these questions have merit, but not on the first date or  in the week following the first date.  Use the lovely gift of intuition that we all have, and if you like the person, then let them know that they are moving a little too fast for your taste.  If you do not  think you are feeling him/her, now is the time to get out of dodge!

Moving too fast is not just about moving fast.  It is about the gyrl that got away—and now you are lonely; or the boi that never happened, and now you want something in your life.  For most, it is  a desire to belong to someone, and for some, it is all about laziness.


Yes, laziness.  If he/she can get things “tight,” with you on that initial (or first few) a meeting, then it is done….the work is over.  You are on lock, and they can now bask in the relationship glow, breathe a sigh of relief, and soon reveal the “fool” that that he/she truly is…

And by “fool,” I mean someone who may  be prone to hurt you because you do not give them their way—BEWARE!

I have been there.  Three minutes in the conversation turned into marriage and true love… by day two, we were arguing (well, he was arguing at me), because I did not want to talk about that anymore.

Now that is grounds for a deleted number if I ever heard one (or keep the number in your phone, and name it “don’t answer).

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