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Being Mary JaneI was home on a Tuesday evening, and thought I would tune in to see what is all the fuss about BET’s new hit show, “Being Mary Jane.” I recently saw the original pilot, and was not at all impressed by the character. However, all my Facebook and Twitter friends talked about its premier as though it was the best thing since wheat bread, which sparked my curiosity.
Since the show has become a recurring series, it has captured a strong following of black women, and BET has even gone as far to launch a promotional campaign titled “I Am May Jane” encouraging viewers to submit videos explaining why their lives are parallel to that of the character.



Check out this episode of Up 4 Discussion as your girl Keli joins Jay to answer the questions, “Can there be too much honesty in a relationship?” and “Should some things just be kept secret?”


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Why is it so difficult for some to be completely open and honest in a relationship?  I read a tweet this morning advising men to keep some things from us ladies, because we apparently don’t want to know or can’t handle the truth at times.  I however disagree.  If I ask you a question it is because I want to know the answer, and in some instances I need to know the answer.  I am pretty much an open book, and I am willing to make myself vulnerable by revealing my true self to those close to me because of a word called, “trust.”   Yet once I realize that you are not being completely “transparent” with me, I will begin to wonder why the need to hide behind a mask?  Why are you not as willing to be open with me?  Then I will begin to doubt your sincerity and reevaluate the need to have you be an integral part of my life.

How did you know she was the one?

This comment was left on our Facebook page regarding why and how men chose the women in their lives…

“When men are in a relationship and they have already, in a sense, conquered their goal of friendship/sex/and romance with you they look on to the next person. The new person is the challenge that sometimes the woman ends up winning.”

He went on to say…

Would you get involved with a man who has a child?”

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